Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Grunge Girlfriend Paper Pack 2

Hi Everybody...(my husband made me change "guys" to "everybody" Jerry...the he says if I were blogging about Guns then I could use "guys", but since I am talking about Scrapping it needs to be "Girls or Everybody"-Thank You Honey-I appreciate your assistance!)

Wow...another one of those days...yeah me. I truly needed to work my real job tonight, but it didn't work out that way. A realtor had some houses listed in my X's neighborhood-one of the houses he used to live in and would be 2 other homes. Well, we were interested in the other 2. Not the X's. Isn't living in your X's rent house weird? My Hubby drove up and he was like NO WAY-we can't live here. We didn't ask to even see the X's old house, she just gave me an address and upon turning down the street I realized that OH...NO...NO...NO...NO...can't be the X's...driving closer to the X's old house...getting must be joking...THE X's HOUSE. We are not looking at this house...and then she stopped...right in front of the X's house. I tell her I just don't think I can live here & OOPS...Sorry...she doesn't have anything else available at the moment...So very Sorry. let me explain that's this is my kind of luck. My X's hand me downs...NO THANK YOU...So... We have decided that we need to be living well below our means. Well below...very "WELL". That would mean making sacrifices right? Well, I think we have decided to do just that. Make VERY, HUGE, BIG, BIG (did I say Huge or monumental yet?) sacrifices. We found a very small house (on wheels that has lights attached to the back-hey, but they are painted so it's not exactly mobile...the porch is attahced, does that count? AND the hitch has been removed!) that will save us a VERY considerable amount of money. Two years here and we save some very large bank. The good news is that we will be moving and soon, the bad news we are going to learn quickly how to live in 1300+ sq ft LESS than have been accustomed and are comfortable with...oh boy. More good's paid for...we own it. I think I'm gonna need a really big porch added on to this house & move the living room right outside...hehe. Hope no one steals the T.V. Those are going to have to be some really big bolts to hold it all down! Just kidding (not really...) This will be about a close knit family. I'm not sure I want to be this close to my family. I think I will get myself a hotel room at least once a month to feel like I actually have some space. Hey, here's a thought...we could always build a huge deck OVER the mobile home...hmm...a two story mobile that's thinking outside the trailer house. I am really going to miss my house, but I will not miss the payment that was on the new statement yesterday...$2,224.10! (That's a MONTH not quarterly...)For my 2000+ Sq ft. $140K-apparent Mansion we financed so ignorantly. These are some Hard lessons, but hey...we had a good teacher. Thank You Mortgage Lender! Theives! Robbing, lying theives.

Enough of my sarcasm...Here is your 2nd Paper Pack. It's all patterns. Striped, plaid, boxy (I can't think of anything else to call the black, pink and white one) 2 flower prints, and some swirly ones. I have one more Element Pack to give you and one more Paper Pack to give you! I am so truly blessed by all the comments on my blog today and 4shared. You all are the best! Big, Big smiles reading them all. So, Thank You, Thank You and Thank You!

Yall come back tomorrow for my show tomorrow-I usually post about 10:00PM! You never know, I just might take this show to VEGAS!

Download HERE

Love you guys (hmmph...he's not in here now...I can say guys...)!



A from Aus said...

fantastic papers love em all thankyou for sharing. I wouldn't like to live in my EX's house either (lucky I don't have one).....sheesh your mortgage repayment is HUGE ....lucky we own our own home.

Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Sasa said...

OOPs - I forgot to say "Thank you!" on 4shared . . . tee hee. That's OK - gives me an excuse to chat with you a sec. I'm glad you found a place, even if it is a HUGE step down for you. The stress relief of getting rid of that ridiculous mortgage payment (you're right about "thieves") will greatly increase your family's level of emotional comfort - and that will make getting used to less space easy! Take care and God Bless!

StarSraps said...

Thank You Sasa! You are so kind! It will be different, but do-able. Thank You for your support!-Kimberly

Missie said...

You have done an excellent job on all your kits and you make wish I had girls in the house to scrap pics of...guess I am going to have to borrow some from friends so I can scrap them. Or I may finally start my own life scrapbook. What soap opera that will be...keep up all your good work and you will be blessed because I know you are of pure heart.

Faith said...

Thank you!

Kekinha said...

Wow Gorgeous! Tks

girlsmom said...

LOL at your hubby! Thanks!

Danielle said...

i found your blog on digi scrap and i really like your work - thank you for sharing it!

as i am waiting for things to download i am reading about your life - wow those mortgage people did send you on a bad bad road - that payment is way too high for that amount of debt- thank heavens you were blessed in finding a trailer to purchase with being used to making such a huge payment you should be able to save some real big cash soon - so just remember that this is temporary and that you have learned a great life lesson one that i am sure you will never make again

good luck to you and your family

HollyinPA said...

Thanks so much! My daughters aren't "girly girls" so I find this series so perfect for them. I can use pink & not get yelled at!! LOL!

Thank you!!