Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Planes, Trains and Automobiles Paper Pack 2

Hi All!

Well, my day started at 6:00AM after going to bed SO very late last night & we worked and painted the little house 4EVER! Major, Major difference though! No more school bus yellow cabinets and kitchen walls. I thought we would have to replace the cabinets, but as it turns out, they just needed a decent painting. We seriously need new flooring though. Little House (my affectionate name for the new place) got a mini lift today! I picked out a tan color for the walls and a lighter tanish (is that a word??) color for the cabinets. Upon the first stroke on the walls I immediately knew that this definately wasn't dark enough. It was really just WHITE. Which also meant the cabinet color was BRIGHT WHITE! So, back to Home Depot we went and waited almost 2 hours for the guy to fumble around and try and figure something out. The sad part was, we were the only ones there! When I returned from Home Depot and got the ceilings and the walls rolled out I realized that the outsidehouse color EXACTLY matches the inside now. My mother in law proceeds to point out that the outside is also trimmed in green and that my curtains and accents in a lot of my decor is also green....hmmm. Hey, I guess we have a color scheme going. My husband laughed his head off. He says that we could have used the exterior paint in the shed and save a few bucks! I hurt everywhere...All of me is tired and hurts! And it's not over...sniff...sniff. Lord help me! I am posting right now just to unwind! Sooo...on to the FREEBIES!

Here's your 2nd Paper Pack! It's the last of the papers! Hope you enjoy!

Download HERE

Good Night...pray for my strength to face tomorrow!



Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Erika said...

Hope all those achy muscles feel better soon. I have to admit though, sometimes it is nice to be physically exhausted rather than mentally drained. Thank you for this gorgeous kit.

Jody said...

You must be the energizer bunny! I know you are sore all over, but when this is finished, it will be a home filled with love - the loving touch you are giving it.

Thank you again for this great kit - and when you feel up to it I hope you will be able to share with us all how to do that weaving trick. It is super!

Sharon said...

Oh, poor you. Although I like when a room has been painted, I don't exactly like to do the actual work. Hope ya feel better soon.

Terebene said...

THanks for the papers - sorry about the painting. It isn't my favorite!

Sharon said...

So I tried to dl that file at home and then remembered the real reason I dl at work....I don't have a zip thingie at home. So I tried again today and it worked. Yeah, I am so excited. I will try and to a layout this weekend and will let you know.

FreebieFinder said...

Thank you! This freebie will be posted in todays blog on freebie finder.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing!

Kim S. said...

I'm sorry you're so sore! But I bet your little house looks great! Keep going, you have less to do now then when you started!