Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Hi All! I just wanted to Thank Everyone for their kind words! Well, not so much on my blog...(my mental notes: I would like to see you guy's leave a few comments here too!), but I did get some really nice ones off 4shared. This is just too much fun! Ohhh, how to incorporate it into a full time job! Dreams, Dreams! ;)

Missed Church on Sunday & I am feeling that "disconnection" if you know what I mean. Our Church posts the sermons online. They are super great! (another mental note: Is "super great"a cool thing to say...I am truly doubting this...kinda Marsha Brady don't you think?) Our Series "Ambush" just ended :

"Ambush" - Don't fool yourself... financial ambushes happen more often then we'd all like to admit. Ever found yourself in the pit of debt? In the net of loans and mortgages? Has impulse spending sucked you in like quicksand? ... Want to be free?

Give this a quick listen, it's some really good stuff!!

Listen here:

Happy Tuesday!



debbiejw said...

Kim, thanks for the series, I will got listen to them. Love ya bunches, Debbiejw

Veronica said...

I love your designs!! YOu have a unique style that's really pretty and so colorful. Thanks for sharing your talents!!!