Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ohhh...The SNOW!

Wow! It's March 6th and Spring is just around the corner! You know how I said that yesterday was a beautiful day?? was beautiful and snowing! We personally got around 9 inches! This is Texas! We don't get snow and we definitely don't get 9 inches!! HA HA! The drive to home from work was scaring the heck out of me. I was praying like CRAZY!! I made it, safe and sound, but arrived with a huge adrenaline rush & a bit shaky! LOL! Here's a pic of the back yard w/ small drifts against our fence!One other thing...I never had any idea why anyone would need to shovel their driveway...well, I found out today! You don't park in the driveway unless you do! Trust me on this...I tried!! I will get better pic's of our snow in the morning!

I also did a LO with the new kit!



Stykibug said...

hahaha I live in Ontario and the storm that hit you is on its way here. We are supposed to get 20-25cm of snow from that storm that hit you. Living in Canada we get a ot of snow but this winter we have been peleted with way more than usual.

babydoe said...

You must live pretty close to me. I live in Denton and I measured almost 8" of snow in my yard last night. Wasn't that storm just amazing?