Monday, March 31, 2008

Planes, Trains & Automobiles Paper Pack 1

Hi Everyone!

Hope all is well with everyone! Thank You to those who left comments about what type of kit they might like to see~I took a comment from "Anonymous" (LOL...would of been nice for ANY OTHER name...but OK I'll take it!) She said that she has four boys and loves bright colors - and Masculine. Well, she didn't really say what ages, but I did make a grungy, but bright boy kit. This Paper Pack has 8 papers~There is a plaid, 3 solids, an airplane paper, diamonds, large polka dots & Stars! I just love Stars!

Many of you may wonder the WHY behind StarScraps, well....I had hippie very young parents, who decided it would be a grand idea to name me LOVE STAR! You did read that correctly...LOVE STAR. Well, by the time I was born, the LOVE turned into KIMBERLY...(thank you LORD, thank you, thank you and thank you). The Star remained though and I was teased un-mercifully, but I dropped it when I married. Star really doesn't seem that bad now, but it's also many, many MOONS (hehe...little joke right there..LOL) later and I really don't care now. So what better way than to express that now! you know!! LOL! I am starting my vacation today! I would say YIPEE in any other instance, but this vacation is packing, moving and unpacking...LOL. Although, I am down in my back today, hurts all the way down my right leg. You guys pray for me, because this is really painful!

Enjoy your first Paper Pack and leave me some LUV!

Download HERE


Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Kim S. said...

I really hope you feel better! Thank you for the great papers!

Stacey said...

Kimberly, the explanation is great! I did wonder, and it makes the name even greater! You could say! (sorry, had to)

I will add you to my prayers, and by the time you read this you will hopefully have done the moving and are in relaxation mode.

The kit--well you know I'm partial to the brights, so I adore it! I'm off to snag the photo to put at my place now. (((hugs)))

Sharon said...

Maybe it is just me, but I can't dld the second elements pack for "This Old Thing" I keep getting an error.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the great boy kit. Not too many of them out there.

Ms Kittie said...

Totally love the new kit. Have 4 sons of my own and have 5 boys in my home daycare.

The the explanation of the name. I understand about being teased when younger. With a name like Kittie you can just think of all the teasing I went though. Now I love it because you still don't hear it much. Everyone always asked if that is my Birth name. I proudly say Yes and I am the 4th generation to have that name. It came here from Iriland with my Great Great Grandmother.

Hope you back is felling better. Have a great day. ((HUGS))

Leia said...

great kit. It'll be perfect for scrapping my twin boys

Anonymous said...

Wanted to let you know I just downloaded this kit and it's the cutest kit ever!!! You do incredible work

chelemcbee said...

I just found your blog, and I love these papers and elements!! My 3yo is completely fasinated by planes and trains, so this will be wonderful to LO's of him with!!
Thank you for sharing all your hard work!!!

Sue said...

I love the colors of this kit. Thanks for sharing! :)