Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Kit in the Store and a couple of LO's!

Hi All!

I have a new kit in the store today and it will be 30% for a short time! I think it's the best I have ever done! LOL...NOT tooting my horn here, but I liked scrapping with it!! LOL! Here's the preview.& if you want it just click it to go to the store. This selling stuff kinda freaks me out. What if NO ONE buys anything? It's scary to me. I hope I am wrong, but this worries me greatly. Did any other designers feel this way when you started(if your reading)? I also did a couple of LO's with it! Scrapping yourself is never easy and trust me when I say it took me FOREVER last night to do it!! (hehe...notice the play on the kit's name there...I'm a witty one...hehe). The other LO is my husband and daughter. He may not be her real "Dad", but their LOVE for each other is "REAL".

Things really are getting better for me and "phew" am I glad. I was practically off work (or working from home) all of April. I was either down in my back or terribly ill, but I am so much better! I am still coughing and still have a scratchy throat, but I can FUNCTION!! Thank You everyone for the prayers and encouragement. I know you prayed me through it.
The little house is going pretty well. My husband laid some laminate floors and they look great. He re-arranged the cabinets to make the Kitchen more functional. He built a new bar in the kitchen and it also serves as the pantry. We still have no counter tops, but their on their way. He made the 3rd bedroom (soooo small) into a closet for us. The house was so old there are no! Luckily, the room is serving well as the closet and storage room, junk room, I don't know what to do with box so it goes in this room, room...etc. We really paired down our stuff when we moved and it is VERY obvious that we must do it again. God is revealing to me that I don't' need all this STUFF!! I didn't realize that I had sooooo many clothes that I didn't wear. It really doesn't matter how many clothes I have right now, during my month long illness I seemed to have lost around 30 lbs and I can't wear anything I had anyway. I can wear some of the shirts, but the pants are a joke. Now don't get me wrong...I am NOT complaining! I have needed to take off some weight for a while now. I really need to hit some thrift stores! I am pants poor!! (y'all go buy my seriously..teehee) I really haven't gotten to do much in the little house, I have been too sick, but just wait for this weekend! I have a plan of attack! Reduce, Reduce and Reduce some more!! Wish me luck....better yet...pray! Oh YEAH!! I forgot to mention....I am going to Alaska...(you know that old song...North to Alaska...North the rush is's stuck in my head) on a CRUISE! I am getting to go with my Grandparents (my Mom and Dad, but that's another post) & my Aunt and Cousin and other family I really don't know that well!! I am sooooo very excited! Where do I get one of those count down widget things!! I need one!! Sooo good to check in! I hope everything is well with everyone! AND...You guy's go visit Michelle's blog! She has some cutie pie boy's stuff and you need to get it! AND it's a FREEBIE!! Click the Pic to go to Michelle's Blog and get it!

Love you Guy's!!


Sharon said...

To get some Really cute Count-Downs and other widgets go here
Glad to hear you are feeling better. Yeah on the cruise you will have a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Kim, I just love this kit - it's got such beautiful bright colors. You have got the digi designer touch. Go Girl! Debbie

Stacey said...

Kim I don't even know where to start!

Your kit is fantastic, honestly it is. The colors are catching. Cody (my son) was just telling me in a class he learned people make their decisions on sodas in the first two (I think two) seconds of looking at the labels, based on that label. So he told me to keep that in mind when I do kits, and I believe THIS kit will do just that.

The downsizing, you're inspiring. It's my hope that John and I will one day be on the same page and realize we do NOT need this home when the kids are gone. Maybe before, idk. I'd so love to buy a small arts n crafts downtown and fix it up. Then be free to do things with my life (like a cruise!!!). I'm happy for you, you sound as if you've made the right choice for your family and all is pointing in the right direction. xoxoxo

Sasa said...

I absolutely LOVE your LO of "7 things . . . " Your pic is just lovely - such beautiful eyes! I can see God's love shining through them. Take care and God Bless!