Wednesday, June 18, 2008

North to Alaska!!

I will be MIA until July 1st! Just a 2 short days until we leave! We are so excited! My Dad is counting the hours now! He is soo cute! We fly into Seattle on Saturday and leave on our cruise on Sunday! This trip will finish the contintal United States for my Husband and leave only Hawaii for him to have been in EVERY US State! I think that's too cool! I am excited for Him too! I am soo ready to go! Michelle and I have been Beebopping around the office singing..NORTH to Alaska! Hehe!! for some serious business. I am in the running for Layout of the Week in the Moo Two Forums! I need you to vote!! I am soo close! The other LO's are fantastic & if you think mine is PLEASE go vote! Have you ever just wanted to win?? MEEE TOOOO!! LOL! But, really, go vote for me! If you have never been to Moo Two forums they are fantastic! You can register HERE and then go vote HERE! Here's my LO....Just in case you forgot!!

Love you guys!!