Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's been 10 days??

What the heck?? Has it really been 10 days since I posted! Wow!! Ok, my neglect only goes so far!! Things have been hectic...the usual. Things are looking up though! Jerry has been working regularly and that in itself is a blessing! We are still struggling, but things are getting better. Michelle is here and it's been so great having her around. We have been battling the Home Owners Association from Hell in our little community. Sheesh. It's always something & everyone is CONSTANTLY getting some kind of notice. Our underpinning (which is FINE), we have lattice on our porch (LOTS of people do), you don't have the right mini blinds (?? huh...that's the very first thing I hung up, BUT I hung the pleated kind, they want VINYL slated ones), take of the trailer hitch (done, but it is a MOBILE home right). The list could go on forever. My point is I have a 46 year old trailer...the very oldest one out here. I am certain that I can't make it look new. If any neighbors together, it's all we talk about. It's insanity. This woman in the office she puts the ITCH in that B word. Michelle had been in her house all of 5 days and started getting notes on her door. Anyhoo...I kinda scared Michelle last night. I walked over and she was sitting outside. I sat down and said..."hey, I need to talk to you" and sat down. She looks at me and I tell her that we are moving. She just stares at me...w/ steam pouring out her ears...LOL. She finally pipes up and says WHERE?? I pointed to the double wide directly across the street from her. She said she was about to spontaneously com-bust when I told her we were moving...hehe. The lady across the street has had enough and wants out of here after 26 years. She is selling her place & we are going to do are very best to purchase hers. We have done a lot of work on little house, so, I am hoping that we can sell it. I really would like just a little more room!! It's a reasonable price, so start praying we can come up w/ the cash. School is about to start for our little people & I have to take my youngest to register/change some classes today. She's a sweetie pie! She will be a sophomore this year. UN-thinkable!! My oldest seems to be calming down. She did move in w/ her boyfriend and that was disappointing. I am relieved that she is going to finish school though. She is my VERY stubborn one and of course...I know nothing!! She will get it soon tends to do that. Anyway...that's what's going on! Oh...and they want to get JULY outside in TEXAS...hmmm...I foresee a melting bride and cake...ROFL!!



Stacey said...

Oh wow Kimberly, lots of stuff here to take in! Your homeowners assoc is hilarious, omgoodness, I'm not sure I could hold it all in! The blinds thing is rediculous! I think it's great to maintain standards, but oh my!

Kimberly I will be praying you can get that trailer with more room, girlfriend. And soooo very glad to hear things are better on the financial front. It's tough keeping our heads above water, isn't it, I completely understand that.

Did I know your daughter struggled? You know, our oldest daughter (should have graduated last year) is home again and going to go back to school for a semester--we're very proud of her for bucking up and doing this. Pray for her if you think of it, it's going to be tough going back in next week when all her friends are gone.

Hugs, kisses and more hugs...thanks for such an honest post. xoxoxo

Toque (Lesley) said...

Hi sweetie! Wow lots of things going on for you and your family! I will keep you all in my prayers -- for your sophomore girlie to have a fantastic new school year, your husband on the work front (how I know how that goes this month!), for the best of luck to your oldest daughter that things work out the way she wants them to, and for YOU for keeping it all together! <3 And most importantly, prayers that you get the house you want. Good things happen to good people, which is why I feel so strongly that you'll get it! Best of luck.