Wednesday, October 8, 2008

MIA...oh boy


I have been MIA! I know...I updates or anything. Well...I had surgery. I got down in my back again and after several doctors and a few tests they found two masses on my back that were giving a great deal of pain. Great news though...NO CANCER...phew!! Funny thing was after all the tests and doctors they never actually found them on any scan, X-ray or could just feel them and see them. It was weird! I pointed them out to my GP whenever my back first starting hurting in September and he sent me to Spine surgeon. He ran all kinds of tests and "NOTHING". He couldn't understand why my back was hurting and suggested physical therapy. When I mentioned the knots on my back he just brushed me off. I did that twice because where the knots were was where my pain was located. He stilled brushed me off. So back to the GP I went and he sent me to a pain doctor. I got 6 shots in my back and it actually made it worse! So I went back to my GP they did a sonogram on the "lumps" and decided they were "small" but worth checking on them. So he sent me to another surgeon and when I saw him, he agreed they were definitely worth looking into, but there were no guarantees that removing them would alleviate my back pain. I was game for anything, so we decided to have them removed. It turns out that the masses were WAY larger than expected. The one on the right side was the size of a SOFTBALL and was pressing on a lot of nerves in my back. The one on the left was the size of a large LEMON and was also wrecking havoc! So...after a surgery on the right and left side of my back...I am finally on the mend. I am getting to leave the house and everything!! LOL! I went out to lunch today. Riding in the car really is not fun. If I can get into one comfortable spot and stay there I can deal with it, but my car sits so low that it’s not very comfortable. Anyway...I hope to be back designing very soon and really miss being around! I hope all is well with everyone!!

Hope to be back very soon!!



Scrap Stew Sue said...

Welcome back Kimberly hun. Back surgery is no fun, but it's great to hear you're on the mend! Take care.

Vera said...

Wow, I was wondering what you've been up to. I am just glad to hear that you're already mending. It was tough though that the doctors couldn't find anything at first. Hope to see you blogging more :)

terri - hawaii said...

Welcome back Kim. Yep, we were wondering what happened. So glad to hear your doing well and the lumps weren't cancer. I hope the surgery has helped with the pain. I suffer from severe chronic pain and can understand how you must feel. Good to have you back and well. God bless and look forward to your designs soon. Take care. Hugs and aloha!!

Michele said...

Glad that you're doing well, and that the lumps weren't cancerous. It still must have been a scary ordeal through out it all. Hope all heals well!