Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All I can say is WOW...

Yep...and I would be lucky to just "CROAK" that out. I told you all last week that I came up with a nasty bug...well, the bug develops into a nastier bug and then I wake up Monday with what feels like razors in my throat. I am running fever, my throat is on fire (I can't speak) and coughing my head off. I go to the DR. and he says..."oh yeah..you have strep AND a upper respiratory infection..." GEEZ. I have gotta get a break here. This is enough. I am totally pissed off about all this! BUT...yep there is one thing ...MY BACK IS BETTER!! LOL! Something had to give and I guess that was my break! You guy's should see all the drugs the DR. gave me. It's crazy! Pills for coughing, pain pills for coughing, breathing treatments, 2 rounds of antibiotics, an inhaler, a steroid inhaler...and if I am not better tomorrow...I get to go back. Oh Joy. Anyhoo...I am going to lay back down. Any suggestions?? Maybe I should get a bubble and live in it!??

Check back in soon! I truly hope you guy's are well!



Anonymous said...

Boy Kim, you sure sound terrible. I am praying that this all clears up soon. We miss you at work. God Bless! Debbie