Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A little less Horror and a little less pain

Hi Guys!

Just thought I would give an update! The Chiropractor thing is going very well. When I went in, they took Xrays and showed me what was going on. (I have had many opinions of Chiropractors and such, but my experience has been good) She showed me that I had some issues going on with my tailbone. She explained that there are plates in your tailbone and lot's and lots of nerves and muscles that held them in place & she explained that these plates actually should move when you walk. Mine weren't moving...AT ALL. That's why when I would move it was excruciating. She put me on a Physical Therapy plan that included, some kind of "shocking the heck out of you machine", some exercises and adjustments. I was expecting to get twisted into all kinds of painful positions, but that didn't happen. She has this "clicker" (my pet name for and she feels along my spine and neck and "clicks" my spine back into place. Imagine being thumped really really firmly. She says that it is just as effective as being manipulated and it's less traumatic. I liked that because I didn't need traumatic...I was traumatic! Sitting still gets me. I finish my 2nd week with her this Friday and will probably have to see her next week too! I actually had to go lay in a conference room for a few the other day, but just laying down for a little bit really does help. I have been reclining in my car at lunch for a little while. It's not quite the same as laying, but it does take the edge off. On Friday, Saturday & Sunday I ran fever and had the worst sore throat ever. It's landed completely in my chest. It must be going around though...My husband has it, My Michelle (well...she is mine...LOL...she always puts URMichelle when she downloads...LOL), my Director has it. We all sound like a bunch of hacking, crouping, wheezing, coughing group of sickos! I have coughed so much that I just vomit. I was talking to Debbie today and started coughing...I looked at her with panic and was like...NOW WHAT. The bathroom is at the complete other end of the building from her desk. I could have yucked in her trash, but EWWW! I trucked to the bathroom as fast as my lame old butt could get me there. I think I even half jogged. I was mortified at the thought of vomiting in the floor!! I hate to vomit, but at the same time...I feel better afterwards. Enough of my icky talk! Sunday night, I was crying to my husband...I think someone Hates me! Suprised, he was like "WHUT?" I said, you know, like they hate me & have a voodoo doll and they are trying to kill me. He just laughed...ya honey. I really think I am just being spiritually attacked. Satan is all over me with my health. Well, he didn't take away our love for Christ when we lost our house, he didn't take away my love for Christ with the problems with my daughter, he didn't take it with my Devil...God's taking care of me! You guy's just pray for me to get well AND Pray for Miss Michelle. In fact don't pray for me...just pray for Michelle. She needs Lot's of prayer, love and support! I do have some other cool news. Before we moved, I applied to be on a DT w/ a way Coool place! I was offered a spot! I am sooo pumped up for that! On second thought go ahead and add me to the prayer list...I need to get some kits created for the store and you guy's need freebies!! And I miss being here all the time! I just need an hour or two (ok...three...pray for three hours) to sit here and crank some stuff out!! I have some great ideas and can't wait to get them out! Love you all! Miss everyone!



Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, I am glad you had another successful visit with the chiropractor. I pray for a life full of peace and blessings for you. God is good and he will provide. Love ya bunches! Debbie

Jody said...

I am so sorry you have had so much to deal with. My prayers are with you for sure. Sometimes it is difficult to understand what God has in mind for us but it always seems in hindsight that whatever we have been put through was for a good reason. He loves you dearly. Your strong faith will get you through this hurdle.

I too love what chiropractors can do - I have an excellent one that gets my back straightened out every now and then. It always amazes me how much pain they can relieve with simple maneuvers.

Keep your chin up, things will improve. We all miss you but your health comes first so rest all you can.

Sasa said...

Hi Kim, I was so happy to see your post this morning . . . I have missed hearing about what is going on; but you have definitely been in my prayers. I'm glad the chiropractor is working out for you . . . I have the best one in the world . . . he does gentle manipulations (no twisting contortions!) and uses a "clicker" too . . . in fact, that is what he calls it - his clicker. Along with the manipulations and clicker he uses PRAYER - yep - he prays over you as he is doing "his thing!" It is amazing to think that God put our bodies together in such intricate ways - like all those nerves and stuff going through our tail bone! He is so awesome, and I am glad that we are family in Him!

Satan - YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER AND HER FAMILY! She is NOT your plaything . . . you're just sore because our Daddy already beat you! The end of the story has already been written and YOU LOSE!

Father - please give Kim the peace and healing that she needs. Watch over her and her family - she loves You and trusts You with her all in all. Amen

Missie said...

UR Michelle...well I have been able to download anything in quite long you gonna make us wait..geez. Just kiddin ya. I have been so happy to see you back at work but now I'm out with this crud. Of course, I haven't posted any freebies in a while either so how can I say anything...we have got to get our head back in the game girl.

Sasa, Great Prayer..she really needs this because she is just a true angel sent from heaven to me. Kim you are my best friend and I love you for all that you do for me. God will keep us both and all will turn out better than we ever imagined. Love ya,
UR Michelle

Stacey said...

Kim the DT news is great! I'm extremely excited for you and cannot WAIT to hear more about your work. You do such beautiful work that I just know you'll be a big hit! Let us know soon as you can.

And.......please feel better and better. You've been through some tough times, and while I'm so very sorry you have to endure them, I can just feel your positive energy in your writing and I know you're going to back full throttle very soon. xo Stacey