Wednesday, April 9, 2008

La Osita...Piracy


I would like to respond to La Osita publicly. She left a comment on my blog today after I defended Susan Darter owner of Raspberry Road. La Osita states that Susan "Pirated" some stitches. I am not defending the "stitches" I am defending that La Osita publicly blasts Susan before giving her an opportunity to respond to her. She posts around noon today that the stitches were hers on DigiScrap Depot and on the Raspberry Road CT blog. And without giving Susan opportunity to respond she Publicly blasts her. I said that it was "Ridiculous" that she didn't give Susan an opportunity to rectify/explain/prove that the stitches were her own or otherwise. I have downloaded hundreds if not thousands of freebies as I am sure you all have. I have downloaded hundreds of CU freebies as well. Have any of you EVER lost (by moving or otherwise) a TOU? I sure have. I do regard Piracy as a serious issue too, but I also believe in fairness & I don't believe calling someone out before they even know what's going on is fair. So...that's the story...and I stand by it.



Anonymous said...

Good for you. I think her approach was wrong too. I do think that Susan is a wonderful person.. and I cannot see her doing this. I think there must be a good explanation for whatever reason this persons stitches showed up there.

Hope you are feeling better soon.

BTW.. Love the kits you have been gifting us with.

Thannnnnnnnnk you!!

Di :)

verabear said...

I have not been by Raspberry Road so this is the first time I am hearing of this. Susan is also very conscious of things like this so I am sure that had the person politely brought it up with her, Susan would have rectified the issue right away and would have been first to apologize. Of course that is assuming that there was some mistake.

Sasa said...

I agree Kim! Susan is a wonderful and very honest person . . . IF there was a mistake, she would take care of it immediately. It is so sad that people these days are ready to so quickly (and publicly) accuse others of wrong-doing. Piracy is not ridiculous, but not giving people a chance to rectify their honest mistakes IS.
Hope you are feeling better today. Take care and God Bless!

Susan Darter said...

Thank you and everyone here for your kind comments and having my back. I never had the opportunity to defend myself because I never received anything to respond to but found it posted everywhere today. I bought these stitches in good faith from the a commercial use site and I was unaware they belonged to someone else. I have cried my self dry today trying to figure all this out. Sometimes I wonder why I do it but then I remember all the wonderful people I have come to know and then I think not everyone has a mean heart. I know she felt wronged but I would have made it right if I would have been gven the opportunity. I emailed her with the info, removed the item and made an apology, hope this takes care of this.
Thank you,
Susan of Raspberry Road Designs

Stacey said...

Kim I'm just now reading this--and I agree with your position. Moreso, I am incredibly honored to know someone who will take a stand for what she knows to be right regardless of the possible backlash. FAR too many people (in any given case) will stand by and say nothing because they don't want the 'trouble'.

I speak about this from time to time on my personal blog, it's just as wrong not to speak up when we believe we should.