Sunday, June 8, 2008

Good Company...Great Weekend

We just had a great weekend! Things were a little stressful on Saturday! We had a water heater full of ants. Little buggers! They had a full nest in the thing....tunnels and all! Jerry just happened to catch it before it caught on fire. It was actually smoking too! Michelle just happened to have an EXTRA water heater that was sitting in her laundry room and it was exactly what we needed, so she was on her way with it! YEAH! Thank You Michelle! After she arrived we both worked @ our real jobs until around 5PM. Geez! Jerry & Brad installed the water heater and by 6PM we had hot water! We decided that a couple of Pool games were in order after our gruelling day and we all headed to kick back and relax! We all hadn't had that much fun in a long while! I truly LOVE playing pool, but who has time anymore?? Miss Michelle is quite a good player despite her protests. We played teams and took turns kick'n each others butts! LOL!Church was amazing this morning and we tried the Denton Campus for the first time. We really enjoyed it! I did a LO of Michelle & I! We snapped a few pics before we went out last night! She's too cute! I just love her! I am kinda in a rut designing right now...I hope that wears off soon! It's frustrating! to spend a little time with the hubby!



Stacey said...

Awww man I'm not sure my comment went thru. So at the risk of not repeating myself, something about pretty blah blah blah you're very very very stunning....I wanna hang with you...wanna play pool...move to MO, would ya?! xoxo